Source:Dark Matter Deployments

Splinter is a real-time interactive, still imagery in motion driven desktop interface. Splinter takes hotlink-able, still images and allows you to "splanimate" them so they appear to be pre-recorded and frame by frame animation, though they are, actually, just still images "opening". It does so using 3 sets of variables for the "splicons"(the still images that splanimate) The three sets of variables, for both starting and ending locations, are the x and y screen position, the x and y pixel size of the image, and the rotational value of the image, from 0 to 360 and allowing for 20 full rotations. With these three sets for both starting and ending locations, still images can be made to appear as though they are in motion as you would see them in the physical world. It combines the 5 most commonly used/most popular desktop application functionality genres: File Launcher; Icon Docking Station; Stack Docklet; Wallpaper Flipper; Visual Style Editor. It enables the creation of desktop wiki databases, becomes an interactive storyteller, it is a game and a game maker, an educator, and allows for the creation of "Spli-Sites", which are web page front ends, artistically blended into your desktop environment, yet just as able to access the same information that any web page could. Since all imagery within Splinter, is actually still png files, occurring in real-time, any and all "splanimation" is always and forever, editable, by anyone, at any time.

Last Updated:2012-05-02 11:36:13
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OS:Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP